Id Nouruz in Seattle

Reza Shirazi

Set on the table,
Seven S's
to symbolize Id Nouruz,
Persian New Year:
Seer, Sekkeh, Somakh,
Seeb, Sheerini, Sabzi, Serkeh
garlic, gold coins, dried berries,
apples, sweetmeats, sprouted wheat, vinegar.
My aunt completes the sofreh
with a silver framed mirror, goldfish in a bowl,
hyacinths and an old Koran.

The first day of Spring,
the first day of the year.
I ran in the morning,
cedar trail fragrant with rain.
The sun peeped through the persistent clouds;
another day of hide and seek.

Red tulips I planted in winter
shoot up outside the window.
The yard is a colorful spring story
waiting to be told.

We sit at the table
after calling our family in Tehran,
voices echoing over the poor connection.
For lunch:
rice made with green herbs,
white fish seasoned with saffron,
and red tea in clear glasses.
My aunt, two cousins and me,
but for clinking forks
and Iranian pop music.




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